How To Use and Purchase the Flexible Image Packs

To Purchase:
See a link to the Flexible Image Packs from the pricing page, the pricing icon or the Home Page. Choose a Pack and add it to the Shopping Cart, and proceed to purchase. You will see a description of your Image Pack in order to purchase it.

To Use:
Now that you have purchased a Flexible Image Pack, you can bypass the Shopping Cart by doing the following: Do a keyword search and note, below each image, the words - Download Image. Click on that link and go to a download page where you see a pull down menu of sizes available, depending on your purchase price. Then download the image and your download will be deducted from your account balance.

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DISABILITY IMAGES uses the following easy-to-use symbols on the site:

Add to Lightbox:
Add to Cart:
Enlarge Picture:
Price Image:
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Step 1: View Cart

Collect the images you want to purchase in your shopping cart. When you have a final selection of images in your shopping cart, click on the VIEW CART DETAILS link. A page with your selected images, captions, photographers name and image availability will load.

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Step 2: Calculate Licensing Fees

Calculate the licensing fees by selecting the file size of each image you want to purchase. After completing your selections, click the APPLY button to price the image. If your licensing specifications are not listed please call 978-761-2743 or send e-mail to

Purchase     back to top

Step 3: Purchase

Once each image has been priced, click on the CHECKOUT button. You will be prompted to type in personal information (name, address, etc.) or verify the information in your personal profile. Then, enter your shipping and billing information, including a payment method and click the CONFIRM ORDER button. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you regarding your purchase.

Getting Your Images     back to top

Step 4: Getting Your Image(s)

Once your order has been confirmed, your images can be delivered to you in a variety of ways. You will be prompted to choose the method that meets your personal needs.

You can:

* Download a 60-100-MB image directly.
* Download a reduced image to your specifications.

Billing     back to top

Step 5: Billing

Your online account will be billed automatically via credit card or by mail in a traditional "bill me" method.

New User     back to top

New visitors to DISABILITY IMAGES need to register before searching the growing collection of images. Registration is free and easy. Registration requires you to choose a user name, password, and provide some additional information. Information that is required for registration is marked with a red asterisk(*).

All of the registration information you provide will be kept strictly confidential, as explained in our privacy policy.

If you have already registered and have a user name and password, please login to begin searching the collection.

Registered User     back to top

Registered users have gone through the registration process and chosen a user name and password. Each time a registered user visits DISABILITY IMAGES, they will need to login before searching for images.

Click here to login.

Forgot your password? Click here and we will e-mail you a new password.

Personal Profile     back to top

A Personal Profile is where a customer enters billing, shipping and other necessary information required to purchase images from DISABILITY IMAGES. Required fields have been marked with a red asterisk(*). Your information will be saved to expedite your future purchases. In addition, the information you provide will be kept strictly confidential, as explained in our privacy policy.

Using Your Lightbox     back to top

The images in your lightbox become your personal collection at DISABILITY IMAGES. It is easy to add, delete, read details and magnify images while viewing your lightbox. You can create as many lightboxes as you need.

Adding images to your lightbox saves you time on your return visit. A lightbox allows you to view a pre-selected group of images and show them to a co-worker, editor or art director. Your lightbox saves everyone time. You can return to your lightboxes by clicking on the MY LIGHTBOX button at the top of every DISABILITY IMAGES page.

Create a Lightbox     back to top

Save images in a lightbox and create a private collection that only you, and those you invite, have access to. Create a ligtbox by clicking on the (add to light box icon) next to an image. Once you add an image, your lightbox is activated.

You can create as many lightboxes as you need. In addition, your lightboxes will be saved for you until you delete them.

Delete a Lightbox     back to top

To delete a lightbox, click on the REMOVE THIS LIGHTBOX link at the bottom of the lightbox you want to delete. This will NOT delete other lightboxes you have created.

Add & Remove Images     back to top

The Add to lightbox button allows you to add images to a lightbox.

Add All Lightbox Images to Cart     back to top

You can add all the images in your lightbox to the cart in a single click. Scroll down to the bottom of the gray lightbox frame on the right side of your screen and look for the link "add lightbox to cart".

E-mail a Lightbox     back to top

Collaborate with co-workers or clients by sending your lightbox via e-mail. E-mail a lightbox by clicking on the "e-mail this lightbox link." The recipient will receive an e-mail with a link to the lightbox and be able to view and interact with that lightbox.

Be sure to indicate whether you want to give the recipient access to add/delete from the lightbox, or if you want to send as "read-only."